How to avoid being robbed at home during de-escalation

We are all anxious to once again enjoy the freedom that confinement has deprived us of. The coronavirus crisis has forced us to confine ourselves to our homes. In recent days, with the departure of children up to 14 years old, the actions of the so-called de-escalation have begun. The next thing will be to be able to practice sports individually and go for a walk with the person you live with.

This desire to go back to walking the streets, roads, mountains, beaches ... are logical. But you have to keep one thing in mind: the house should be left, even for a short time - an hour even -, well closed and safely. And we do not say it in vain. In recent days we have received notices of robberies in houses where, for example, one parent was working outside and the other had gone out for a walk with the children.

Criminals do not understand crises or situations exceptional. They are always on the lookout to see how they can commit crimes. That is why we must not lower our guard. So we give you some tips so that you can keep your home safe during this de-escalation that we have just started:

1. Doors.

The doors of the house, the garage ... well closed. Between when we put on our shoes to go out, we adjust the mask, we are aware of the children ... it may happen that we forget to turn the key.

2. Windows.

Check before you leave that the windows that may have some type of access from the outside are closed. Having been at home for so many days, we can have open windows in rooms that we do not usually use much.

3. Blinds.

Better not to give the impression that the house is empty so leave the blinds half down.

4. Security system.

Activate the security system to leave with the guarantee that your house will be protected and if something happens the cameras will be in charge of registering it.

5. Neighbors.

Take advantage of the relationship we now have with our neighbors, with whom we went out to applaud, with whom we chatted, to let them know that you are going to leave so they can notify you in case of let them see something strange.

6. Calm down.

If you have the misfortune that when you return you notice something strange in the house that makes you think that you have been robbed or -but- that they are robbing you at that moment, keep Calm down and follow these tips that we tell you in this blog.

If you have any questions about the security of your home, you can contact us. In the meantime we wish you good health.