The risks of children manipulating the security app on the mobile

Experts recommend that children's contact with the screens of mobile phones and tablets be as little as possible. Although in the end we are the ones in each family who set our own limits according to how day to day is and how far we think we should go.

In this sense, there are a series of situations that sometimes we do not usually take into account and that, on the other hand, can cause the odd displeasure or even a more serious problem. We refer to the case in which a child - it is understood that of a young age - is playing with the mother's or father's smartphone and then, inadvertently, manipulates the home or business security application that we have installed in our phone.

What can happen?

1- Disconnect the alarm.

From the application you can activate and deactivate the home security system. And we can realize it or, attention, we can not find out at least until we receive some notification. A time that can be a risk to the integrity of our home.

2- That a false alarm is generated.

An incorrect manipulation of the application can lead to an alarm being generated with the inconveniences that this entails for the security system and headaches for the owners.

Therefore, the best recommendation that we can make from Segurija is that if you leave the mobile in the hands of the children, the smartphone is aware of what they touch, not only the Security application -which we advise to always carry on the phone - but also many others: the bank, social networks ...