How a security system helps prevent them from occupying your home

Today one of the most serious problems that we can find in our home is illegal occupation. I'm sure you've heard a lot of news about it lately too. It has become a common situation, unfortunately. One of the latest cases has been that of an elderly neighbor from Portugalete , in the Basque Country. She spent a few days at a relative's house and when she returned she found that the house had been occupied by people who refused to leave it. The case has made the news because thanks to the pressure of the neighbors, who gathered en masse in front of the home, it was possible to leave - escorted by the police - of the occupiers.

No one is safe from these criminals. They can enter the house when we go on vacation, or on the weekend, or for a few hours. The safest thing is that they previously have our house controlled. There is a whole network of occupied families that move through different populations, regardless of their size. It is a problem that occurs in large cities and also in small municipalities. And it happens both in high standing and humble homes. Clients of both types have come to us. They are usually people with a police record.

How to protect your home

Installing a security system in our home can help us protect it from an occupation. When the house alarm goes off, a theft report can be handled. In addition, when the security system is activated in the presence of possible thieves - you occupy them, in this case - the police or the Civil Guard quickly go to the place and their presence prevents criminals from ever settling in the house. And there is a notification that it is an illegal entry.

If you are interested in knowing the security system that can help possible occupants to enter your house, contact us and we will give you all the information.